2011.07.23 - Arashi ni Shiyagare (Subbed)

A little late, but still...in celebration of that momentous day 12 years ago in Hawaii, here's the Shiyagare eppie where our boys, decked out in Hawaiian shirts, do live commentary, lip sync like 80s idols, play a retro slip n' slide quiz and generally act like their usual, lovably mischievous selves.

Arashi ni Shiyagare 2011.07.23
Guests: Tokumitsu Kazuo and Mittsu Mangrove

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- Size: 720x480, 435MB, Duration: 44:36

- Thanks to anj for the raw.
- Translation mistakes mine...something's gonna get lost in secondhand translation.
- Sub/timing mistakes mine...Aegisub newbie who loathes timing.
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2001 Jidai Publicity News Coverage (Subbed)

Have been wanting to try my hand at Chinese to English translation and subbing -- this super short news clip seemed an easy one to start with. Content isn't super interesting, but at least we get to see them in their "wild" glory. And to the wildest (and most fabulous) of the bunch -- Happy 28th! May you sparkle more every year.

2001.07.17 Tokyo FM Press Conference Chinese News Coverage

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Size: 19MB
Duration: 01:23
- Thanks to anj for the raw.
- Translation mistakes mine...my Chinese is a bit rusty.
- Sub/timing mistakes mine...am a Aegisub newbie who loathes timing.
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2011.08.04 HnA VIP Limo Segment (Subbed)

Cracked up when I saw the Zumba teaser (thought it was Otaku dancing), and figured this'd be an easy clip to translate/sub since there were lots of non-talky moments, what with the dancing and curry pouting. Enjoy Matsumiya in their Zumba-ing, sweatin' glory!

Himitsu no Arashi-chan - 2011.08.04 - VIP Limousine Segment, Guest: Kiritani Mirei

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- Thanks to anj for the raw.
- Thanks to [info]evorian for the MU mirror.
- Translation mistakes mine...it's from secondhand Chinese translation, after all.
- Sub/timing mistakes mine...Aegisub newbie who hates timing.
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HnA Highlight Haiku: Feb 17, 2011

VIP Room Haiku (guest Kiritani Mirei)
Purikura pics
Ohno's lashes, Jun's huge eyes
Totally a-ge!

Arashingo, yay!
Mortifying baka gags
Pure crackety crack.

Mannequin 5 Haiku (Theme: Pair looks)
Jun, Nino, Ohno
looked cute. Sho scarf? Aiba flag?
Yet Nino unsold.

Jun push mannequin
happily across set when
his cute tee sold first.

Holy Helicopter!

Oh my goodness...I just had one of the best laughs ever...and I can thank Arashi for it. Am watching Arashi ni Shiragare live, and the aniki guest's gift was remote controlled helicopters. (Suhweet!) Each member gets one...and they start playing, as boys with radio-controlled gadgets do. MatsuMarvelous kicks arse and brings his snazzy red 'copter down gracefully. And then we have Sho. Oh dear, dear Sho. How can someone so smart and polished be such a klutz??? After Jun's marvelous performance, Sho proceeds to bring his 'copter up successfully...so successfully that it hits him straight in the unmentionables. Super Genius directs his 'copter towards himself at full speed!!

I have to give props to the show's editors and sound effects. The "ding" they add upon impact is brilliant...Sho's shocked face, then subsequent hopping around the set in panic and pain, while clutching his injured Sakurai family jewels was absolutely epic. As was the prolonged "Oooooh" of anguish he lets out after he stopped hopping around the set. The other members, I imagine, were alternately wincing in sympathetic pain or cracking the hell up...the camera caught them examining the damage to Sho's....'copter. Evidently the impact injured the 'copter, too.

Thankfully Sho recovered pretty well. At least the editing made it appear so. Sho chirped his usual MC-ing with a bright smile and dry eyes, so hopefully the damage wasn't irreversible! Oh Sho, I'm sorry you got whacked there by a 'copter, but know that your painful gaffe brought so much mirth and joy to others...I thank you and salute you. And if you need a hand (figuratively and literally) with assessing and soothing the damaged bits, you give me a call anytime!

Getting into the Holiday Spirit....

Disney loves to kickstart the holiday season with a bang, and wherever there's a Disneyland, there were awesome holiday-themed kickoff events this past weekend...but I think the one that takes the cake would have to be the DisneySea in Japan. I mean, beautifully-lit cruise ships, insane fireworks, Disney characters in adorably ornate holiday costumes, and oh yeah, ARASHI -- the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit!

So from what I could decipher, the show started with the boys, and a boatload (literally) of Disney characters, making a stunning entrance on this gorgeous chandelier ship:

Each of the members were teamed with a different set of Disney characters...

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Mini-Flail: Super Fresh!

OK, I just need to flail over how much I LOVE "Super Fresh", the new "coupling" song that will be included in Arashi's My Girl single, Regular Edition, which drops Nov. 11, 2009.

The song is so different from anything they've done in the past (I know, people say that a lot of their recent songs, esp. "Truth"), but seriously, this song is infectious -- it simply invites you to dance, or at the very least, engage in some serious head-bobbing and finger-tapping.

I've been playing the radio rip version on repeat incessantly for the past three days, and I'm still not sick of it. In fact, I want a video, I want a crystal clear version, and I want to see them perform it live. Actually I want lots more, some of which may fall in the "unmentionable to the kiddies" category, but this will do for now.

Here's a link to a fanvid on youtube using the song. Enjoy the pretty, and especially enjoy the awesome "Super Fresh"!

Credit to youtube's makijun18 for this video.

Fic: Wakey Wakey (Jun)

Title: Wakey Wakey
Member: Jun
Author: Conwoocious
Author’s Note: I have writer’s block in real life, and decided to try to “un-block” (er, that sounds a little eww) with this bit of fluffiness. It’s my first Arashi fic, actually -- I wrote it in the first person, so you could either Mary-Sue it, or you could read it with a Matsumiya or Junba slant.

Wakey Wakey
Asleep, he looked sweet and innocent, and impossibly younger than his 26 years. His full lips, usually twisted into a naughty grin, an imperiously sexy pout, or, an “are you bloody kidding me” exasperated smirk, was smoothed into a slight, serene smile. The two tiny moles above and below his lips punctuated his faint smile like quotation marks, and simply invited a kiss. Or two. Or three.

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